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The NRM Register provides access to view information about current Permits, Licences, Allocations and Approvals.

When searching for a Permit, either the Permit number or Land Title reference can be used.

When searching for other documents, first select the Prescribed Area and then the particular document by number or by Land Title reference where relevant.

Note: When searching by Land Title reference, the Title Prefix, Volume and Folio are mandatory Surrendered documents or documents subject to review are not displayed.

For General Enquiries regarding

Water Permits
Berri 08 8595 2053
Mount Gambier 08 8735 1134
Water Licences, Allocations and Approvals
Adelaide 08 8463 6876
Berri 08 8595 2053
Mount Gambier 08 8735 1134

Water Management Solutions

The department is reforming its water licensing business and delivering a modern online water register in 2022. A new digital platform called mywater will give all water account holders and water market participants easy access to water data and the online water register.

For more information visit DEW's MyWater information page.

Far North Prescribed Wells Area

For searches regarding Far North Prescribed Wells Area contact the Hills and Fleurieu Water Licensing Team (08) 8463 6876 for more information.