This site lists every approved water trade in the current water year (1 July to 30 June) for each of the prescribed areas in South Australia. The information is updated on a daily basis.

Annual summaries of water trading activities in the prescribed areas are generally provided for every year from 2000/2001.

The annual summaries for the years 2000/01 to 2003/04 are provided separately as these transactions were captured in the first water licensing system and did not differentiate between intra and interstate trades. The annual summaries from 2004/05 to the most recent year provide both intra and interstate trades.

To view the trade reports select an Area from the list under Water Trading in South Australia.

For information on trading history for water allocations and entitlements in the South Australian River Murray (trading zone 12), view the water allocation trading history and entitlement trading history dashboards.

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Water Management Solutions

The department is reforming its water licensing business and delivering a modern online water register in 2024. A new digital platform called mywater will give all water account holders and water market participants easy access to water data and the online water register.

For more information visit DEW's MyWater information page.